Rugged inductive sensor detects position of forklift forks when opening container lid

Art74_Forklift_Container Emptying

A container manufacturer uses a modified forklift, fitted with two sets of forks, for unloading bulk cargo. The lower forks support the container while the upper forks control the lid. When unloading, the lid opens and the lower forks rotate, tipping out the contents. A robust inductive sensor senses the position of the lid, ensuring it opens fully before emptying.

Customer value

• Safe, reliable performance in a demanding outdoor environment
• No likelihood of accidental damage arising in operation
• Cost-effective solution, maintenance free

Advantages of DW-AD-703-M30-295 inductive sensor

• Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel sensor rated to IP68 and IP69K
• Best-in-class 20mm sensing distance in M30-diameter housing
• Cost-effective high-performance sensor with exceptional reliability

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