During high-speed production of retail items, a confectionery manufacturer conveys individual bags of candy to a pick-and-place packing robot for secondary packaging. A highly reliable diffuse-mode photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, detects the presence of bags as they approach the packing station and inhibits the pick-and-place sequence if no bags are queued for packing.

Customer value

  • Reliable, repeatable in-line detection on a non-contact basis
  • Elimination of errors caused by previous mechanical sensors
  • Increased productivity as stability alarm flags preventative-maintenance needs
  • Single sensor accommodates a range of bag sizes without repositioning
  • Remote adjustment via IO-Link reduces changeover time between products

Specific product advantages

  • Maximum sensing range 3 mm to 1500 mm with high-intensity red LED
  • IO-Link connectivity available at no extra cost on PNP versions
  • Switching frequency selectable between 500 Hz and 5 kHz via IO-Link
  • Dual output with stability alarm