During high-volume confectionery packaging operations, conveyors deliver stacked cartons to shrink-wrapping stations. At each station, a wrapping machine encloses a stack in heat-shrink film and an infrared oven shrinks the film to form a sealed pack of cartons. A long-distance through-beam photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, senses the presence of each pack as it leaves the oven and signals a plant-wide control system to increment the production throughput totals.

Customer value

  • Reliable long-range item counting on a non-contact basis
  • Improved data accuracy arising from real-time, error-free pack detection
  • Increased productivity as stability alarm flags preventative-maintenance needs
  • Single sensor accommodates a range of carton sizes without repositioning

Specific product advantages

  • Maximum sensing range of 30,000 mm
  • IO-Link connectivity available at no extra cost on PNP versions
  • Dual output with stability alarm
  • Versatile, purpose-designed mounting brackets for ease of installation
  • Mutual interference immunity by setting emitter/receiver pairs via IO-Link