Who we are

Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for factory automation. The Swiss company, headquartered in Corminboeuf near Fribourg (CH), has a unique and innovative range of products whose features far surpass those of standard sensors.

Since its foundation in 1972 by Peter Heimlicher, Dipl Ing ETH, Contrinex has grown from a one-man operation to a multinational group with over 500 employees worldwide. More than 11 subsidiaries cover the core markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

At a glance

  • Technology leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors as well as safety and RFID systems
  • World market leader for miniature sensors, sensors with long operating distances and devices for particularly demanding operating conditions (all-metal, high-pressure and high-temperature resistant sensors)
  • Represented in over 60 countries worldwide, headquarters in Switzerland
  • Approx. 8000 products

Technology leader for sensor intelligence and industrial RFID

Why choose us

As an innovator of smart high-tech sensing equipment, our business is to provide customers with significant technical advantages that will support their success. Contrinex’s market-leading products are manufactured to the highest Swiss standards, ensuring excellent quality and reliability. Our customers also benefit from a worldwide network of subsidiaries and qualified sales representatives in over 60 countries. At our headquarters, experienced application and development engineers can also help you find optimum solutions for all sensing problems.


  • Smart Sensors with high-resolution measurement, user-configurable outputs, embedded predictive maintenance features, direct device-to-device communication, user-defined memory and dual channel.
  • Inductive and photoelectric sensor ranges with integral IO-Link interface
  • Miniature, self-contained, inductive and photoelectric sensors
  • Inductive sensors with operating distances up to 4-times standard
  • Mechanically and chemically rugged full-metal inductive sensors
  • Inductive sensors for permanent pressures up to 500 bar (peak 1000 bar)
  • Inductive sensors and RFID tags for operating temperatures up to 230 °C
  • Inductive and photoelectric sensors for the food industry (Ecolab approval)
  • Impervious inductive sensors for washdown areas and outdoor use (IP68 & IP69K)
  • Full-metal sensors for sea-water applications (IP68 & IP69K)
  • Inductive sensors for use in welding cells
  • Photoelectric sensors with background suppression
  • Color and contrast sensors
  • Photoelectric sensors for transparent object detection
  • Sensors for distance measurement
  • Fiber-optic solutions
  • Full-metal RFID systems
  • Type 4 and Type 2 safety light curtains


Annette Heimlicher
Annette Heimlicher

1977, MSc Economics, London School of Economics

Annette joined Contrinex in 2005 as Business Development Manager Industrial Safety, subsequently serving as Corporate Development Manager before being appointed CEO in 2012. She previously worked as Associate Director at the World Economic Forum (2007 – 2008) having begun her career as Marketing Associate at Total (2001 – 2005). Annette’s unofficial preparation for her current role involved extensive mentoring on all aspects of the business from her father, Contrinex founder Peter Heimlicher, starting from her teenage years.


Peter Heimlicher
Peter Heimlicher

1945, Dipl.Ing ETH

Peter founded Contrinex in 1972 and built it into a global high-technology group with market leadership in inductive and photoelectric sensors. He ensured the company’s technological lead through ongoing innovative sensing solutions protected by patents and chip design. At the same time, he positioned Contrinex as a major player in the market for premium sensors. Starting in the late nineties, Peter pursued global expansion by founding sales subsidiaries in all major industrial markets (currently 14 sales companies). In 2016 he stepped down from the Management Board. He continues to work for Contrinex as Senior Consultant in R&D.