photoelectric Standard_Sensors

Contrinex Standard photoelectric sensors are ideal for general position- and presence-detection in almost any industry. With first-class sensing ranges and outstanding background suppression characteristics, the Standard range of sensors delivers very high accuracy and reliability. Light sources include infrared, laser and pinpoint LED.

The Standard range offers a wide choice of cubic sizes: 0507 (5 x 7 x 40 mm), C12 (13 x 21 x 7 mm), C23 (20 x 30 x 10 mm), 3030 (30 x 30 x 15 mm), 4040 (40 x 40 x 19 mm), 4050 (40 x 50 x 15 mm) and C55 (50 x 50 x 23). Cylindrical types are also available in sizes M12 and M18, including some M18 types with housings adapted for right-angle detection.

Standard C23 and M18P series are high quality ASIC sensors with an integral IO-Link interface in PNP types. This makes them particularly suitable for smart factory applications. IO-Link extends sensor functionality to include continuous monitoring of process data, continuous diagnosis of sensor status, advanced parameter settings, sensitivity adjustment, a remote teach function and easy checking of sensor ID, to ensure the right sensor is at the right place.



A diffuse-mode, or energetic-diffuse, photoelectric sensor is a reflective sensor, containing a transmitter and a receiver in a single housing. The sensor emits a focused light beam toward a distant target that acts as a reflector, returning part of the transmitted light to the sensor. The receiver detects the amount of light reflected by the target, triggering the sensor when the light intensity reaches a threshold value.

  • Ideal for short sensing ranges and relatively easy targets
  • Easy installation and alignment
  • No separate reflector or receiver


Diffuse-mode photoelectric sensors with background suppression emit a focused light beam toward a distant target. Part of the beam is reflected from the target and returns to the sensor, striking a position-sensitive receiver. The receiver distinguishes between reflections from the target and reflections from background objects, only triggering the sensor when the signal reaches a value that corresponds to the preset target distance.

  • Target size, color, shape and surface finish have little influence on sensing range
  • Suitable for difficult targets (small, fast-moving, light background)
  • No separate reflector or receiver”


A reflex, or reflective, photoelectric sensor contains a transmitter and a receiver in a single housing, and emits a pulsed, focused light beam through a polarization filter toward a distant reflector. Reflected light returns to the sensor, passing through a second filter before arriving at the receiver. When a target object interrupts the light beam, the receiver detects the reduced light intensity and triggers the sensor. Autocollimation of the light beam allows blind-zone suppression.

  • Ideal for moderate sensing ranges
  • Wiring required for just one emitter/receiver unit
  • Separately mounted reflector


Contrinex through-beam photoelectric sensors are ideal for industrial applications where sensing components must be mounted some distance from the target area. Through-beam sensors utilize infrared, visible and laser light sources to detect targets, reliably and repeatably, at extended distances.

  • Ideal for long sensing ranges
  • Suitable for contaminated environments or highly reflective targets
  • Separately mounted and wired receiver

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