RMA process

To ensure fast, efficient handling of your returns, we use a systematic RMA process. Please follow the step-by-step guide.
  1. Please fill out the RMA form on this page.  Fields marked with “*” are mandatory. By clicking the “send” button the form will be sent automatically to Contrinex Customer Service. Your RMA is now registered.
  2. Customer Service will send you the RMA number and the follow-up sheet within two working days.
  3. Print out the follow-up sheet, enclose it with your goods and send them via freight paid (i.e. shipping costs to your account). Please do not send the package via freight collect (i.e. shipping costs payable on delivery) and use only the shipment address written on the follow-up sheet. If goods are sent to Contrinex without the RMA number, we cannot guarantee timely processing. Under certain circumstances, these goods must be returned to you.
  4. The quality department will examine and analyze your goods and create an 8D report. This report will be sent to you by e-mail. In warranty cases you will receive your repaired product, a replacement delivery or credit note.

RMA form

Please fill out the RMA form below.

Please select.
Please enter your first name.
Please enter your last name.
Please enter a valid email address under which we can contact you. For example: john.doe@contrinex.com
'.__('Please enter your company's full name including legal form. For example: Contrinex Sensor GmbH', 'contrinex_rma').'
Your company address: Please enter the street and number. For example: Gutenberg-Str. 18
Your company address: Please enter the zip-code and city. For example: 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Please enter your company country. For example: Germany
Please enter your internal RMA number. For example: RMA-CTX123456
Please enter your Contrinex customer number. For example: 1001234 You can find this 7 digit number starting with 100xxxx on the letterhead of every order confirmation or invoice.
Please enter the 9 digit material number and/or the description code of the product(s) you wish to send us. You can find this information on the corresponding order confirmation or invoice. In addition, you will find the description code on the label or printed on the cable of the product. For example: material number 620-200-424 and description LTK-1180-103
Please enter serial/batch number of the product(s) you wish to send us. You can find this 7 digit number with letter suffix on the label or printed on the cable of the product. For example: 1234567B
Please enter the total number of products enclosed in the package. For example: 2
Please enter the Contrinex order confirmation (6 digit) and/or invoice number (10 digit) or your order number with order date. You can find this information on the letterhead. For example: order confirmation 151234 or invoice 2100007073
Please let us know where you bought this product. If you bought it through a distributor please enter the company name. Also please enter the country of the Contrinex affiliate or distributor.
Please let us know if you would like to receive a credit or replacement in case of warranty.
In case of an error, we need detailed information from you to determine the possible root cause. Please let us know: What is the problem? When did you noticed the problem? (e.g. during incoming inspection, after installation, during operation). Where was the problem detected and in what circumstances? (e.g. temperature, humidity, vibration, …)
Please let us know when you noticed the problem.