A manufacturer of forklift trucks uses a single type of inductive sensor for multiple operator queries regarding current operating data, in particular mast position.

Avantages pour le client

  • Single sensor simplifies procurement, inventory and truck assembly
  • Cost effective solution for a range of long operating distances

Avantages spécifiques du produit

  • Extended sensing distance in standard product (8 mm)
  • Robust construction
  • Proven reliability
  • High switching accuracy

Customer Application

High-reach forklift trucks require advanced technical solutions that will ensure user friendly operation and reliable load handling. At the same time, maintenance must be kept simple and costs low. A variety of pallet types must be handled safely with superior driving comfort. The sensor solution must support the driver in this task by automatically providing precise information about the current operating conditions of the truck.

Customer Solution

The DW-AD-623-M18 inductive sensor (Classics family, Basic range) meets the requirements of this application. In particular, its extended sensing distance of 8 mm, available in this standard product at a standard price, ensures ergonomic and reliable monitoring of electric forklift truck operation.

Due to its extended sensing distance, the customer can implement a range of monitoring functions with the same sensor type, including the detection of the mast reach position. This greatly simplifies inventory requirements.