All the best for 2019!

This year, staff at Contrinex HQ in Switzerland celebrated the holiday season with a retro-style chalet party in the nearby resort of Charmey. Dressed in antiquated ski-wear, everyone had plenty of traditional specialities to eat, drink and fortify themselves against the winter snow!

Contrinex e CloudRail annunciano la collaborazione

Molte applicazioni Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) non richiedono un PLC per raccogliere i dati dei sensori. In questi casi, i dati dei sensori IO-Link possono essere trasmessi tramite il master IO-Link e il gateway box direttamente a un cloud proprietario o pubblico per il monitoraggio, la pianificazione e la gestione basati sull’IT. Il produttore…

Contrinex annuncia la collaborazione con Molex

Contrinex annuncia una collaborazione con Molex, un fornitore globale di connettività dei dispositivi che offre soluzioni end-to-end per l’automazione industriale. Con la crescente domanda di integrazione dei dati dei sensori in applicazioni di livello superiore e basate su cloud, questa collaborazione rafforza ulteriormente l’offerta di soluzioni Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) di Contrinex. Conferma inoltre…

Headquarters Summer BBQ!

With a live band playing steelpan music, exotic Caribbean cocktails that were freshly made and a BBQ that had an abundance of meat, the staff at Contrinex headquarters were really able to enjoy themselves!  See here for more photos!



Contrinex Sri Lanka; General Manager Handover

We are very happy to announce that Contrinex Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd has a new General Manager, Paul Herard! We would like to welcome him to the team and thank Dominique Clement for his great contribution and leadership during the past year. We look forward to having you back here with us in HQ!

European Sales Meeting in Grindelwald, Switzerland

Hot off the tail from our Asian sales meeting in Dubai, our European sales meeting took place in Grindelwald, Switzerland.  During the three days, the team not only enjoyed the gripping and motivational sales presentations but also the breathtaking sceneries, fresh mountain air and delicious cheese fondus! Have a look at our corporate album to…