By offering its own POWERLINK interface, Contrinex ensures a powerful connection between the POWERLINK industrial fieldbus and ContriNet, the fieldbus for custom RFID systems from Contrinex. A single POWERLINK interface will take up to 32 high frequency read/write modules and a ContriNet bus up to 200 meters in length.

Valor acrescentado para o cliente

  • Powerlink offers free choice of network topology
  • Powerlink permits direct cross-traffic communications between components
  • Powerlink industrial fieldbus is fully hot-pluggable
  • Powerlink complements Profibus and Profinet and meets Ethernet standard IEEE 802-3

Vantagens específicas do produto

  • One POWERLINK interface can take up to 32 high frequency read/write modules and a ContriNet bus up to 200 meters in length
  • Direct connection of up to 253 read/write modules to RS485 fieldbus
  • Contrinex HF-RFID system compatible with all ISO 15693-compliant tags
  • High level of security thanks to encrypted passwords

Aplicação do cliente

Ethernet POWERLINK offers two major advantages: absolute freedom in the choice of network topology and the ability to define the application layer as a carrier of all CANopen mechanisms. Within the network structure, any topology (star, tree, linear, cyclic, or a combination of these) can be implemented. Direct cross-traffic communications between components, bypassing the master, is also possible. This is because POWERLINK uses the same device description files, object directories and communication mechanisms as CANopen. All CANopen applications and device profiles can therefore be used directly with POWERLINK.

This industrial fieldbus is now one of the most successful industrial Ethernet systems in the world. Fully hot-pluggable, the user can connect network stations by plugging or unplugging them during operation, with no adverse effect on network function. Nor is it necessary to restart the network when sensors or other devices are added, removed or replaced.

Solução no cliente

Contrinex has developed its POWERLINK interface specifically for high-frequency RFID systems, as used for example in industrial coating machines and paintshops. This software solution complements Profibus or Profinet link types and complies in all respects with the Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3.

The Contrinex 13.56 MHz high-frequency system with anticollision algorithm is standardized according to ISO 15693. Read/write modules can therefore communicate with all compliant tags. The range also includes two tag versions for high temperature applications: RTP-0263-020, embeddable in metal for temperatures up to 180°C and RTP-0502-022, non-embeddable for temperatures up to 250°C. Both types have an IP68/IP69K protection rating and can be read or written to directly after leaving the high temperature zone. Cooling the tag is not required.