A tannery uses Safetinex light curtains at the point of access to a large rotating drum in which leather is dyed. Frequent washing of the drum is required both inside and outside, during which large quantities of water are present.

Valor acrescentado para o cliente

  • IP 69K protection without the need for any additional housing
  • Reduction of time and material during installation, alignment, and maintenance
  • Meets highest safety requirements economically
  • Reliable and adaptable
  • Fail-safe design
  • Permanent autocontrol

Vantagens específicas do produto

  • Totally impervious, resistant to high-pressure cleaning at high temperatures
  • IP65, IP67 and IP69K class protection
  • Category 4, PL e according to EN/ISO 13849-1
  • Type 4 according to EN/IEC 61496-1 and -2
  • Certified CE and TÜV

Aplicação do cliente

The dyeing process requires movement of leather in a liquid environment and the rotating drum must itself be washed frequently, namely when different colored dyes are used. The area around the rotating drum therefore represents a mechanical danger to personnel. As the picture shows, the cleaning process involves copious amounts of splashing water. This means that the mounted safety devices need to be resistant to hot water under high pressure.

This tannery application meets the requirements for an active opto-electronic protective device: the drum movement can be instantly stopped in every operating phase by an electric signal.

Solução no cliente

The Safetinex YBB-30-69K series satisfies the special demands of this application. To eliminate the possibility of injury to workers and resist routine cleaning of the drum, the customer has fitted a pair of YBB-30#4-1700-G012-69K hand protection light curtains with a protective height of 1698 mm. This IP69K version has been specially designed for use in rough environments and resists industrial high-pressure cleaning at high temperatures. A basic YRB-0131-241 safety relay was fitted as the system switching device. The reliability of this protection system is guaranteed by a fail-safe electronic design with permanent autocontrol.