Waste and downtime in the production of cast aluminum axle drive housings are reduced by replacing plastic components in workpiece carriers with all-metal RFID transponders and read/write (RW) modules. The new tags are impervious even when steeped in oil (the processing medium) and lye, which is used for intensive final washing.

Customer Values

  • Reduced product wastage
  • Avoidance of damage to RFID components and resulting downtime
  • Reliability and security of production data
  • Process reliability assured

Specific Product Advantages

  • All-metal tags and RW modules are resistant to corrosion, impact and abrasion
  • Optimized for operating temperatures from -40 to +125°C
  • IP68 and IP69K class protection
  • Guaranteed to function reliably in water, withstand high pressure cleaning and resist aggressive solvents
  • Fully sealed data carriers are laser welded and can be embedded in metal
  • Suitable for use in food industry and extremely harsh environments

Customer Application

Use of an oil processing medium means that both parts and carriers remain coated in oil throughout production. An RFID system was chosen to operate submerged in oil, but the intensive washing required during finishing caused oil penetration of the original plastic transponders. This resulted in RW errors and even device failure. The consequence was falsely rejected housings and downtime.

To improve the reliability of this production line, the customer’s technical services department decided to upgrade the RFID components used.

Customer Solution

The Contrinex RFID system, with stainless steel RW modules and tags, has been specially designed for such extreme environments. In addition, patented ConIDent technology ensures that, even though the active surfaces are sheathed in metal, RW distances stay comparable with the customer’s original plastic devices.

These all-metal data media are also fully embeddable in metal, preventing mechanical damage and ensuring perfect data transmission even in a metallic environment. The Contrinex system’s outstanding reliability, even with aluminum filings on its RW modules, was another decisive factor.

The 66 RW modules and 34 interfaces comprise a Profibus network that, with the tags, forms a complete RFID system to control the path followed by each axle drive housing, programming and logging every production step.

Contrinex all-metal RFID components proved fully resistant to oil and lye. Wastage was reduced and a reliable daily production of up to 1350 axle drive housings was achieved.