Extra-Slim Type 4 Light Curtains Protect Industrial-Press Operators without Compromising Productivity

Heavy-duty industrial presses can cause serious injury without adequate safety precautions. The use of safety light-curtains (AOPDs) for hand protection allows unobstructed access without increasing the operating cycle-time. YBES Extended Slim Type 4 light-curtains are unobtrusive and maximize the available obstruction-free working area; open-fronted presses are now the norm. Wireless configuration and monitoring via Bluetooth®…

Ram Position Sensing for Manual Punch-Riveting Tool

A German manufacturer of cold-forming tools for joining sheet metal uses position sensing to control the operation of a manual punch-riveting tool. A high-pressure inductive sensor mounted directly into the wall of a small pneumohydraulic cylinder detects the position of the hydraulic ram, preventing the operating cycle from starting unless the ram is fully retracted.